Biking 30a

     The idea for this series began while I was sitting back, enjoying the relaxing life, on my quaint stretch of South Walton, Florida's road 30a.  We are lucky enough to have the most beautiful beaches and very interesting and eclectic architecture and people. While relaxing I realized that almost every child was happily biking around, enjoying our beautiful beach and all the interesting sites.  At that moment inspiration hit, and I began my newest  series, "Biking 30a".

     Each painting includes drawings, watercolor, acrylic, pastes, paint chips and various ephemera.  By using this technique, I can create layer upon layer of interesting effects.

     The whimsical characters and bold colors bring out my inner child. This series brings back memories of childhood when things were simpler and all I wanted to do was RIDE.    Enjoy!

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© 2013 Christine Ramey