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     This series was created when I started thinking about what Seaside or Alys Beach or any of the towns on 30a would have been like if they had been around in earlier times. I liked the idea of creating a history for local neighborhoods that was completely in my imagination.

     I was inspired by my own photographs, and vintage photos I had collected through the years. The pictures are meticulously cut out, painted and adhered to the canvas often in a three dimensional manner.


   This series was created when I decided to get back to my roots and draw. I have always been excited to draw faces; they are so interesting. 

     Each face is drawn on a page torn from a book, then I begin creating a life for that person. For instance, The Herbalist, includes part of a letter from from a friend about herbs, a real 4 leaf clover, and even a real lizard all incased in a plastic-like coating.  I think you can really get a feel of the characters I have created. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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